Who is MR. RE?

I’m a storyteller.

No matter the medium, the goal is connection, inspiration, and engagement.

I’m a creator.

Bringing forth unique existences into the world that help make it better is essential for growth.

I’m an imperfect perfectionist.

Details keep me up at night, but an undying lust for learning keeps me grounded.

I’m a mystery.

My true Self has yet to be discovered—by anyone, including me.

So what do I do?

I do many things, including, but not limited to the following:

I design.

Probably the first thing I ever fell in love with was problem solving—finding a “wrong” and creatively turning it into a “right.” I’m always in search of that “a-ha!” moment. Thanks to MySpace, I fell in love with graphic design, which gave me an outlet for creative problem solving. It started with tinkering with my own profile layout and evolved into a full branding service where I made logos, album artwork, and custom MySpace layouts for bands. Of course, I was just self-taught and hardly knew what I was doing then—but I was in love and eager to learn. In 2015, I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Graphic Design.

I take photos.

Since I can remember, my dad was always taking photos. There was always photos in the house growing up, in frames, albums, envelopes. I often found myself looking at old photos, enjoying the feeling of connecting with memories. I took two years of photography class in high school where I learned on film—the same way my dad used to shoot. I was fortunate to have gone to a high school that had a wet darkroom as I had the ability to not only learn how to manually operate an SLR film camera, but I was able to develop the negatives, and enlarge and develop prints myself as well.

I make songs.

Since I can remember, music has always been an important part of my life. My personal taste started with pop music in the 90’s and soon grew into rock and pop punk. Though I’ll always be an emo kid at heart, I listen to and appreciate any and every genre as I think music is boundless and limiting music taste closes the mind to so many beautiful possibilities and experiences.

I do other stuff.

No shit, right? I know I’m supposed to sell you on my work and services, but at the end of the day, I’m a person just like you. I want to establish connection. I don’t identify as a designer, or a photographer, or a musician. I’m a person. My identity is not limited to any label, or stereotypes, or what I look like; my identity is constantly evolving. As is yours.

My interests extend into food, reading, writing, yoga, film and TV, and so many other things. Life is full of exciting things to do and get stoked about. Above all, my favorite thing to do is learn—what’s more exciting than progressing as a human and becoming a better version of yourself?