This Is Fine

Noise Brigade is a high-energy pop punk band originally formed in Anchorage, Alaska. The band now resides in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, and I’m happy to call those four gentlemen my friends.

This Is Fine, Noise Brigade’s 2017 release, is their full-length debut and marks a fresh start to the band’s young career.

Client: Noise Brigade
Services: Creative Direction, Illustration, Packaging, Print

Creative Direction

In 10 songs, This Is Fine displays a spectrum of emotions sharing stories of love, loss, hardship, hope, and overcoming obstacles.

I sat down with the band to discuss the direction of the album, lyrically, and how that could translate visually. With the album title, “This Is Fine,” truly encompassing the record, we came up with the solution of a gloomy day paired with flowers, suggesting that there is always a reason to be thankful.

The record displays a forget-me-not, the state flower of Alaska, Noise Brigade’s home state. On the physical packaging, on the back of the insert, are roses to represent the band’s new home of Portland, Oregon. This rose is also displayed on the tour admat supporting the record.



Calling to Dejah Thoris to get behind me I worked my way toward the little doorway back of the throne, but the officers realized my intentions, and three of them sprang in behind me and blocked my chances for gaining a position where I could have defended.

Thrusting Sab Than headlong from the platform, I drew Dejah Thoris to my side. Behind the throne was a narrow doorway and in this Than Kosis now stood facing me, with drawn long-sword. In an instant we were engaged, and I found no mean antagonist.

“The Tharks were having their hands full in the center of the room, and I began to realize that nothing short of a miracle could save Dejah Thoris and myself, when I saw Tars Tarkas surging through the crowd of pygmies that swarmed about him.”

Isaac Tobin Creative Director at Fantasy Interactive


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